Farragut’s Kawanise Wilkins, earlier this season.

By: Eric Van Dril   |   Feb. 12, 2017

1. Curie (22-2) 1

The Condors’ quarterfinal with Orr is poised to be a great, great game.

2. Simeon (21-2) 2

The Wolverines’ city quarterfinal with Farragut has been moved up to today, Monday, due to Simeon hosting a girls basketball regional on Wednesday.

3. Whitney Young (19-5) 3

Kenwood beat the Dolphins at the Chicago Elite Classic in early December. They’ll meet again on Wednesday.

4. Morgan Park (17-4) 4

The Mustangs defeated North Lawndale in last year’s city quarterfinals. Can they do it again?

5. Orr (16-4) 6

The Spartans, somehow, are the No. 3 seed in a Class 2A subsectional. They will have to beat Uplift to win their own regional. 


6. North Lawndale (20-6) 7

Martrell Barnes, an unsigned senior, just makes winning plays in big games. That’s been evident throughout his career. It was evident once again last week.

7. Uplift (21-5) 5

The Titans were upset by Farragut in the city quarterfinals on Wednesday.

8. Kenwood (18-6) 9

The Broncos edged Bogan in the second round of the city playoffs. Can they beat Whitney Young a second time this season?

9. Bogan (16-7) 8

The Bengals are expected to be the No. 2 seed in the St. Rita Sectional, with Morgan Park the No. 1.

10. Farragut (11-8) 14

The biggest upset of the city playoffs thus far? The Admirals’ 62-58 win over Uplift. Senior guard Kawanise Wilkins, who remains unsigned, scored 24 of his 31 points at the free-throw line.


11. Brooks (14-10) 10

The Eagles were within seven of Curie at halftime of their second-round playoff game, but couldn’t keep it close throughout the second half.

12. Lincoln Park (14-10) 13

Marco Lewis, the smallest player on the court against North Lawndale, finished with a team-high eight rebounds. Impressive.

13. Westinghouse (9-14) 16

The Warriors pulled off a mini-upset of Hyde Park in the first round of the city playoffs, but couldn’t hang with Simeon for four quarters.

14. Hyde Park (14-9) 11

The Thunderbirds have a long layoff until the state playoffs.

15. Butler (15-3) 15

Marvin Nesbitt keeps racking up triple-doubles.

16. Vocational (10-11) 12

The Cavaliers kept their talented sophomore class down at the sophomore level for the city tournament.

17. Marshall (7-15) 19

Won its first game in the city playoffs. Will be dangerous in the Class 3A playoffs.

18. Schurz (17-5) 17

Simeon was too much in the first round of the city playoffs.

19. Collins (19-5) 18

Kenwood was too much in the first round of the city playoffs.

20. Hubbard (16-0) 20

Blue-Central tournament champions.

Five teams on the verge: Taft (9-14), Urban Prep-Englewood (15-9), Perspectives-Calumet (15-9), Phillips (11-10) and Mather (11-8).