This recruiting database is an attempt to bring more exposure to the Chicago Public League’s football players. The hope is that more athletes get recruited and find the right college program for them.

The database is sorted by years in school. Please note that the all-city and all-Public League awards don’t completely represent all of the best players in the city. There were several glaring omissions in 2016.




2020 is coming soon.


If you’re a CPS athlete and you would like to be included on one of these lists, please send the following information to the Public League. You can do so either via email (thepublicleague@gmail.com) or direct message on Twitter (@thepublicleague). Coaches and parents can submit information, too.

  • Name
  • Year
  • School
  • The position, or positions, you see yourself playing in college.
  • A link to the highlight video you’d like to share.
    • (Preferably, this is your highlights from all of last season. It can also be a game, however.)
  • Optional, but strongly recommended: A social media account or email address that college coaches can use to contact you.